Free Backups for Everybody, Install Mozy Today and Protect Your Important Data

By February 4th in Blog

For years computer repair clients have come to TechEase with dead hard drives, pleading with us to recover their family pictures, extensive music libraries, financial data, or other irreplaceable information. While our success rate has been high (industry standard is 50%), it’s nowhere near as successful as a good backup program. We hate giving bad news. That’s why we recommend that everybody we know installs Mozy Online Backups today. Seriously, we’re talking to you.

Mozy offers a FREE program that will backup two gigabytes of data automatically, every day, to a secure server using military grade encryption. This means if you ever lose your laptop, if your hard drive ever dies, if somebody steals your computer, if your pipes burst and ruin your Mac (yep, works on Mac or PC), we can recover your information without breaking a sweat. Even if you’re traveling with your laptop, as long as you connect to the internet, your data will backup from your hotel in Cleveland, the Starbucks in Oslo, or the airport in Shanghai.

What’s more, Mozy stores 30 days worth of backups. How many times have you accidentally overwritten your 25 page document with a blank one, only for days of work to be lost forever? Sometimes you won’t even notice when you’ve deleted a document until the following week when you go to retrieve it. With Mozy, no problem, you can find documents as they were yesterday, last week, even last month. TechEase can even install and configure it for you remotely using our Remote Support option!

Two gigabytes is enough to store your most precious items, but if you want your entire photo library backed up, Mozy offers unlimited storage for a scant $4.95/month. Every single client who has come to us with a dead hard drive would gladly pay $4.95/month if it meant they could get their data back. None of them ever expected their hard drive would die, but the truth is that the failure rate on hard drives is 100%; every hard drive fails eventually.

With Mozy Free, you can make the inevitable inconsequential.

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