What’s taking up so much space on your hard drive?

By May 25th in Blog

SpaceSniffer's graphical interface is a snap!

These days it’s easy to download and save lots of files until your hard drive is overflowing.  But it’s difficult to tell at a glance what files are taking up the most space without going through every single folder one at a time.  Enter SpaceSniffer, a free utility that graphically displays the largest files and folders on your hard drive.

SpaceSniffer scans your drive for files and folders, then displays a comprehensive map.  You can easily double-click on things to drill down for more details.  Once you find the largest items you can determine whether it’s something you want to spend your valuable hard drive real estate on.  One of the things we like best about SpaceSniffer is that it doesn’t actually install anything in order to work.  You just run the file and it scans, without interfering with your registry.  So what are you waiting for, get to pruning!

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